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Hang Up Tone

1.24 usd

Easiest way to play a ringtone, vibrate or even play TTS when a call ends - so you know that is has ended!Are you also not always sure whether the call has ended or not? Or if the line has been disconnected? With Hang Up Tone you no longer have to be in doubt! Hang Up Tone allows you to configure a ringtone and vibration to play at the end of each call, i.e. when you hang up, when the other person hangs up or when the line is disconnected. That way you can be sure that when the chosen ringtone/vibration plays - the call has ended! Furthermore Hang Up Tone allows you to configure Text-To-Speech to be played at the end of the call e.g. with information about the call length. Simply configure the notifications you wish to be played at the end of each call, try them out with the simulation feature and last but not least - remember to enable the Hang Up Tone ;) Key features * Easy to configure and use * Ringtone + max playback duration * Vibration + configurable vibrate pattern * TTS (Text-To-Speech) with call duration info * Simulate functionality for testing out settings before actual useHang Up Tone is similar to Call End Tone, but Hang Up Tone offers more options/features and the very useful ability to simulate a hang up for testing your configuration without having to wait for someone to call you!Please feel free to write suggestions, comments, error reports or feedback to our mail as we cannot answer comments - we will be more than happy to help or hear from our users :)And please don't just rate 1 star - instead write us about your issue and we will do what we can to fix it!